The programme is open to a maximum of 45 undergraduate (from 2nd year on) or postgraduate students in the fields of medicine or physics. If necessary, selection will be made considering the students' motivation, English level and previous research experience, if any. Students who participate in the student workshop are eligible for a reduced fee (see below).


  • Full fee: 650 €
  • Reduced fee: 200 € for students who submit a presentation for the student workshop
  • This fee covers the cost of organised social activities.


  • The topic of the presentation can be chosen from the following areas:
    • discussion of an article written by one of our speakers
    • ‘Medical lasers by 2020’
    • ‘My laser experience’
    • ‘Putting the ELI facilities to medical use’
  • Presentations can be oral or in e-poster form. We accept pdf or pptx files for e-posters.


  • Fill in the online application form on our website. It is important to fill in all the necessary fields.
  • When you’re accepted, you will receive further instructions on which  personal documents you should send to us.


Our first event will take place in the morning on the 14th of July. If you encounter any difficulties or have any practical concerns, do not hesitate to contact us on or or on Facebook. The last event is scheduled for the 25th of July. We provide accommodation for you on that night. Afterwards it’s time to say goodbye!


For the duration of the Summer School, students will be hosted in a hostel called ‘Hostel Apáthy István’, located in the centre of the city. The hostel is located near the Dóm Cathedral (The Cathedral and Votive Church of Our Lady of Hungary) and it is easy to reach it by public transport (Tram 1 or Tram 2) when arriving at Szeged by train.

Address: 6720 Szeged, Apáthy street. 4.

Tel: +36 62 544 910

Facilities of the hostel:

  • internet access
  • lockers to store luggage
  • private bathroom in every room
  • 2-3 persons can share the rooms
  • smoking not allowed


By aeroplane (To Hungary):

Liszt Ferenc airport, Budapest (170 kms from Szeged):

This is the largest airport in Hungary. From here, you can take the train to the Szeged railway station. Travel time is about 2 hours and 10 minutes and there are direct trains to Szeged in every hour. We advise you to buy a ticket in advance at a ticket office. Ask the counter clerk or railway guard which train is the direct train to Szeged. As a student, you should pay approximately 12€ with seat ticket for a single journey.

IMPORTANT: the official timetables and train fares may change – consult for up-to date train information.

By train (To Hungary from Vienna):

Nyugati railway station, Budapest (170 kms from Szeged):

There are two train stations in Hungary which provide train services to Vienna:

  • Keleti railway station Budapest
  • Déli railway station Budapest
From these railway stations, you have to transfer with public transport or taxi to Nyugati railway station that provide trains to Szeged. Travel time between these railway stations is abot 30 minutes. IMPORTANT: the official timetables and train fares may change – consult for up-to date train information.

Public transport in Szeged:

Having arrived at the Szeged railway station, you have three options to get to the city centre:

  • By tram, which has a stop directly in front of the railway station. The ticket costs about 1€.
  • By taxi
  • On foot it takes about 15 minutes


WiFi is accessible in the buildings of the university and we are a member of the EDUROAM community.