The city of Szeged is proud to have been chosen as the site of one of the four pillars of a massive European laser project entitled ELI (Extreme Light Infrastructure). The construction of ELI-ALPS (Attosecond Light Pulse Source), a facility dedicated to ultra-short laser pulses, has entered its final stretch. Apart from breaking new ground in the study of very fast atomic and molecular processes, it is also expected to bring about improvements in medicine and life sciences. It is now the third time the University of Szeged has organised the summer school entitled Lasers in Medicine and Life Sciences (LAMELIS) with the aim of discussing and disseminating the implications of these developments. Encouraged by the feedback we have received on the quality of the talks and the atmosphere of the previous events, we are committed to maintaining the tradition, so we announce a LAMELIS again this year. The LAMELIS 2016 summer school will be held between 30th June and 9th July.

Register now and have an instructive and memorable summer in the City of Sunshine.