Travel guide

In Budapest

If you arrive by aeroplane at Budapest, take the following steps to get to Szeged.

  1. From Liszt Ferenc Airport, take bus 200E to Ferihegy railway station. You can buy bus tickets at ticket vending machines at the airport. Travel 4 stops and get off at Ferihegy railway station (Ferihegy vasútállomás).
  2. Board the train to Szeged at Ferihegy railway station. Note that there are no booking offices at this station, only vending machines (these accept bank cards). Alternatively, you can buy your ticket on-line in advance at MÁV-Start.

    To get a timetable, use ELVIRA with From = Budapest Airport [Ferihegy] and To = SZEGED*.

  3. Get off the train at Szeged train station. This is the terminal station of the train.

Alternatively, you can use transfer service, such as Pegazus Transzfer.

In Szeged

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A few places to see in Hungary

In the Google map to the right, we have collected a few places that might be worth seeing in Hungary and are not too far away. We indicated the main attractions and travel times by train or by car. If you wish to rent a car, please see this list.